SIM cards

That little card holds a lot of important information! Find out everything from how to install it to how to transfer contacts and what a PUK code is, here.


Everything SIM

Follow these links to get the details you need about your SIM:

- What it is and how it works
- Why you need it and what it looks like
- Inserting a SIM
- What PUK codes are and how they work


A Micro SIM card is a smaller version of a SIM card, and is required for certain devices like the iPad™ and iPhone®.

MicroSIM for iPad™ or iPhone®

Note: With the new iOS 5 software available for iPhone®. It is now made even simpler
to configure access to internet services, all you need to do is sync your iPhone® to the
latest version of iTunes® and this will download the latest the carrier bundle to your iPhone®.

For you tech heads here are all the settings for your iPhone® and iPad™.

Setting up Telecom XT data connection on iPad™
Settings> Cellular Data> APN Settings
Cellular Data
Username and Password: leave blank

Setting up Yahoo!Xtra Email on iPad™ and iPhone®
Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> Add Account> Yahoo!
Name: Your Name
Password: xxxxxxxxx
Description: My Yahoo!Xtra Email